Prosody - The Yesmen

Label:CD - Stolen Records
LP - White Jazz Records
Highlights:What’s Wrong
World In A Room
You’re Hanging
Casting Stones

Rating: 10/10

Wow! I’ve heard some classic Australian rock ‘n’ roll from the last 20 years but I’ve heard few band’s that are as sonically powerful and intense as Melbourne’s Yesmen. Their debut album, Prosody, burns as red as the album cover. Not only does Sean Greenway sing with amazing conviction but he writes as equally remarkable songs that recall Sonic Rendezvous Band’s more intense moments.

While, Prosody is characterised by Sean’s melodic guitar lines and the scorching lead breaks from Stewart ‘Leadfinger’ Cunningham, it is not all high energy rock ‘n’ roll. The band decrease the pace on several tracks, including World In A Room and Your So Bad, which feature the saxophone playing of Tim O’Dwyer, whose style owes as much to The Laughing Clowns’ Louise Elliot as it does to The Stooges’ Steve Mackay. However, just because several songs are slower doesn’t mean the intensity is any less. Just listen to the fury that is unleashed towards the end of World In a Room for proof.

With the release of Prosody, The Yesmen have set a new benchmark for Australian rock ‘n’ roll. This album will undoubtably be a classic for years to come.

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